Patents & Strategic IPR

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, or SMEs, are the lifeblood of the EU economy. Their ability to grow is a key determinant of the nation’s future economic health.

IP and intangibles represent part of the ‘skin in the game’ for SME owners and managers, who have often expended significant time and money on their creation, development and protection. When equity investors (from business angels to venture capital companies) assess the quality and attractiveness of investment opportunities, they invariably include consideration of the underlying IP. They want to understand the extent to which it represents a barrier to entry, creates freedom to operate, and meets a real market need.

In the EU Trade Marks & Designs (shape, pattern and/or color) can be registered in proper name or thru an agent or management company.

Oxbridge manages more than a thousand IP rights for its customers, both individuals as companies, generating a supplementary income or protecting them from misuse.

Hetronic Litigation

Oxbridge versus Hetronic International Inc.

From 1991 the Group Oxbridge, by means of its affiliates, distributes Hetronic Radio Remote controls in Belgium & Luxembourg.

In 2007 the agreement is renewed, the territory expanded with the United Kingdom & Ireland as well a termination win-out clause agreed on by parties. Both companies start the joint-development of Locomotive RRC's.

End 2014 this agreement comes to a termination on initiative of Hetronic. The present owner of the Hetronic brand, Methode Electronics Inc. (NYSE: MEI), refuses to honour the win-out clause and ignores the joint-development.

The case has been presented for judgement to the courts of Lausanne, Switzerland in 2015.


Financial Holding Company

The SOPARFI (Société de Participations Financières) is an non-regulated entity for holding shares of local and foreign companies, participations or other businesses. A SOPARFI can provide services or obtain a business license like any other commercial company.

The SOPARFI may be used to:

  • hold participations in listed and unlisted (private) Equity
  • finance other entities
  • hold real estate in Luxembourg or abroad, directly or through a company
  • hold financial assets (financial instruments, shares, bonds, derivatives, etc.)
  • own intellectual property rights to perceive royalties
  • exercise management control over other entities
  • issue any type of debt to finance its activities