OXBRIDGE has a range of booms that are deployed for shore and beach protection from jellyfish, debris and litter containment, as well as anti-terrorist and security measures.

The jellyfish and litter containment boom has been developed to secure designated areas from unwanted materials and/or species. They can be deployed to protect areas from marine litter (submerged and floating) as well as jellyfish. These systems can also be used to channel marine litter to designated areas where it can be collected easier in bulk. The underwater sections of the booms are adapted according to the type of environment and purpose of the boom. Smaller perforations of the underwater containment net will lead to capturing smaller debris and jellyfish.

Security measures for shorelines and beaches can also be provided through the use of specialized booms. These booms offer two types of security measures which are; a specially designed floating boom as well as a high freeboard netting.